BoB looking forward and upward 

As our new singer Freddy not only survived but obviously enjoyed his first gig with us, BoB are looking forward and upward again, on the lookout for new gigs and working on new stuff.

BoB found new singer 

  After auditioning guys with the right attitude but the wrong voice, as well as guys with the right voice but the wrong attitude, we at BoB consider ourselves lucky to have stumbled upon this bloke FREDDY, who is bastard enough to take up singing in our bunch. Welcome Freddy. BoB will be hitting the road, the stage and the bottle again from October onwards. 

Bye bye Cor 

BoB-singer Cor is gonna move to Sint Maarten in the Carribean this summer, where he will be working for the next couple of years.

It's been a blast Cor, thanks for being part of BoB during 79 gigs and loads of rehearsals as well as for writing and recording songs together. Of one thing the remaining BoB-members are sure, our slogan "once a bastard, always a bastard" will most certainly apply to you !!!

On tour with Czech buddies Pirates of the Pubs 

To say it was fun touring two spring 2017 weekends with Pirates of the Pubs would be a gross understatement. Though never having met before, the two bands glued well and between them had lots of fun gigging, sightseeing and drinking the occasional pints in both Holland and the Czech Republic. Grand little weekends never to be forgotten. Hell yeah.