grand little review at shitenonions

So what can one expect when one's debut cd gets reviewed on a reknown site such as ?

well, we certainly did not expect this, for feck's sake:

"My Drinkin’ Ain’t Done is fast’n’rowdy Celtic punk meets Gypsy from the Netherlands. Low, growling lead vocals, all the bhoys on the piss gang vocals, accordion, banjo, mandolin and dirty sleaze-rock guitars with a Bastard attitude. Reminiscent and obviously influenced by the Dropkick Murphys, Blood or Whiskey and the Dubliners and for spice the junkyard sounds of Tom Waits and early Dolomites and The Zydepunks. A strong debut from a band with a great promise."



2016 mid-term overview

So what did the first half of 2016 have in store for BoB? Rather a lot, we like to think. Early on we finished recording our album and had the production, mastering and artwork done. We got the album out just before St. Patrick's Day, about which we collected some positive reviews since. All this didn't stop us from arranging a nice little string of gigs: no less than 20 in the first six months of this year, including gigs in Belgium, Germany and England. Shortly, we play one more major festival (Big Rivers in Dordrecht), before slowing things down for a while, not because we are not in demand, but due to consecutive holidays by various travel-minded band-members. We'll be back full force folking in autumn, various gigs are being discussed and a short German tour is already announced. Take care !!



Quotes from CD-reviews

".. all brilliant stuff .. fast and definitely on the folky side without being any less punk .. shouty vocals that fit in perfectly with gang choruses ..  production is amazing .. all the instruments are clear as crystal .. lyrics are all pretty damn cool as well .. here is fifty minutes of some of the best celtic-punk you are going to hear this year I promise you”

“.. rich in variation .. about losing and about drinking .. all you need for a good night at the boozer .. recommended” (our translation from German)

“.. followed their own way .. Pogues twist .. Sex Pistols inspired .. Real McKenzies feel .. fantastic songs .. excellent Celtic Punk anthems .. album packaging is a labour of love .. a highly recommendable album”

".. a nice debut from Bunch of Bastards .. band clearly wants to present something new and different inside the style .. and they did it!"



BoB in UK sure was a blast

Our short trip to UK was a blast, meeting and staying with our distant yet close pal Paul Henshaw and playing three pub-gigs. We were invited back at each and even got free drinks, apparently rather rare in UK (more details here).
Strangely, we got invited to play Valencia on top.
Over the few next weeks, some of us will travel, but we will be back for a number of gigs from mid-June till mid-July (see under upcoming gigs).