The year that was

2016 was an eventful and fun-filled year for BoB. We released our debut cd MY DRINKIN' AIN'T DONE which received some positive reviews (see posts below), and we played almost 30 gigs, traveling to and playing in Germany, Belgium and England.

BoB play two folk festivals in November

After returning home from our short Oktober trip to Germany, autumn has two more highlights in store for BoB, playing at folk festivals in Bibelot, Dordrecht, November 19th, and Paard, Den Haag, November 27th.

BoB cd reviewed on PaddyRock

The moment we dreaded, the moment we feared, the moment of truth has finally come: we had our measures taken by the guys at Paddy Rock. It seems they have taken a liking of what we came up with on our debut cd:

2016 mid-term overview

So what did the first half of 2016 have in store for BoB? Rather a lot, we like to think. Early on we finished recording our album and had the production, mastering and artwork done. We got the album out just before St. Patrick's Day, about which we collected some positive reviews since. All this didn't stop us from arranging a nice little string of gigs: no less than 20 in the first six months of this year, including gigs in Belgium, Germany and England.

Quotes from CD-reviews

".. all brilliant stuff .. fast and definitely on the folky side without being any less punk .. shouty vocals that fit in perfectly with gang choruses ..  production is amazing .. all the instruments are clear as crystal .. lyrics are all pretty damn cool as well ..