Introducing JASPER

Oi, lads and lassies, after waving the previous singer goodbye, and regrettably having had to cancel some shows in the process, BoB cautiously went on the lookout for a new singer once again, this time eager to find a teamplayer capable of memorizing lyrics to our songs.

With a mixture of pride and relief, we present you JASPER as the latest addition to our Bunch. He soon proved to be a very welcome enforcement indeed, being an enthousiastic and passionate singer with a great and clear, somewhat highpitched, voice. That he adds thorough Irish maternal roots to our otherwise Dutch Bunch doesn't make matters worse. Him throwing himself into each song with all he has to offer, attacking the mikestand with ferocious eagerness, reveals the bastard deep down in him.

With Jasper within our ranks, we will be gigging and working on new songs again from the autumn onwards.



Paul Henshaw as guest vocalist

Whilst busy recruiting a new singer (too early in the day yet to break any news, but things deffo are looking on the up), PAUL HENSHAW steps in as our distinguished guest vocalist for two shows on May 10th and May 11th. That sure will be two shows to remember. And of course, prior to joining the band for a full-on show, he will display his own wares as a distinguished artist in his own right.



We need a lucky break

Well lads and lassies, we at BoB need a lucky break as regards the singing of our songs. Regrettably, things did not work out as hoped and expected between us and our latest singer, so we saw it fit to wave him goodbye. We wish him luck in his further musical endeavours though.
In the meantime, if you are, or know of, a singer (m/f) who likes our stuff, who can remember lyrics and who is a team-player, please drop us a line



ByeBye Peter, Welcome Wessel!

So our mate Peter still is a bastard, but no longer part of our bunch. Living on the other side of the country proved too much of a hassle. PEKEY, bro, you will be missed, but the memories of 3.5 years of songwriting, traveling, gigging and drinking the occasional pint will prevail. And as we all know: ONCE A BASTARD, ALWAYS A BASTARD!

Yet the leaving of Peter did not cause BoB any worry, as fan-from-moment-one Wessel was both willing and well-prepared to take up duties on guitar and banjo. He already knew how to play over half of our songs as he showed up for audition. At the tender age of 20, the poor lad is already marked for life, because, again: ONCE A BASTARD, ALWAYS A BASTARD!

During the Saint Patrick's Day weekend, Wessel already was up on stage with us for a dozen or so of songs. ByeBye Peter, we look forward to seeing you on the road with your new solo act. Welcome Wessel, we look forward to songwriting, traveling and gigging with you, bastard brother from another mother, and to maybe raise and sink the occasional pint.




St. Patrick's Day weekend: Three Gigs


BoB play 3 gigs over the St Patrick's Day weekend: 

Friday night March 16th in Leiden, Rockcafé Lazarus;
Saturday night March 17th in Eibergen, Irish Pub Home (with Vague Friday) and
Sunday (late) afternoon March 18th in Ammerstol, Cultureel Café Ammerstol (latter gig: damage 5 euro).