My Drinkin' Ain't Done album cover

My Drinkin' Ain't Done

’My Drinkin' Ain't Done’ is Bunch of Bastards debut studio album.


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Bunch of Bastard are fronted by Cor (vocals) and Andries (accordion). The wings that lift BoB are Huib
(electric guitar, mandolin) and Peter (acoustic & electric guitar, banjo). Dex (bass) and John
(percussion) are the powerhouse that keeps BoB going.

All lyrics and music: © Bunch of Bastards
(apart from, of course, Whiskey in the Jar)

Bunch of Bastards took some time to get off the ground. Earlier on, Teunis, Theo, Gydo, René,
Daan & Wouter were major sources of inspiration, also contributing bits and pieces to part of the
music. Gydo came up with the basic riffs to Sky over Rotterdam. Daan and Wouter shared part of our
journey onto the stage, for which we are grateful and to whom eternally applies the ‘once a bastard,
always a bastard’-principle. We thank Spider for inspiring the lyrics to our band-anthem Sing with us
Bastards and Annelies for providing the artwork.

Music recorded and produced by Theo (SDA Studio) and mastered by Göran (DFM Studio)
Graphic design t-shirt and album by Annelies (AK Grafische Vormgeving)

PARENTAL WARNING: These recordings are strictly click-track free. They may contain some changes in tempo as the songs unfold and hence may seriously confuse those raised on computer-based music!