• Bunch of Bastards

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    Made by: Various folkies.
    Playlist of Bunch of Bastards Live!

    Various folkies send us there recordings of various gigs and songs.
    The playlist consists of:
    1. Bunch of Bastards - Drunken Lullabies (Live @Willems Wondere Weiland 2019)
    2. Bunch of Bastards - The Pogo Never Stops (Live @Studio Gonz 2019)
    3. BoB ft. Paul Henshaw - Rose Tattoo (Live @Bibelot, Irish Folk Night 2018)
    4. BoB ft. Paul Henshaw - Drunken lullabies (Live @Bibelot, Irish Folk Night 2018) 
    5. BoB ft. Paul Henshaw - Drunken Lazy Bastard (Live @Bibelot, Irish Folk Night 2018)
    6. Bunch of Bastards - Run 'n Drink (Live @Paard van Troje, Folkfest NL 2016)
    7. Bunch of Bastards - Sing With Us Bastards (Live @Na Fir Bolg Festival 2015)
    8. Bunch of Bastards - Katusja Kalashnikova (Live @Na Fir Bolg Festival 2015)

  • My Drinkin' Ain't Done
    (Album Sample)

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    Made by: Bunch of Bastards
    Published on Jan 19, 2017

    Just a small compilation of a couple of songs off of our 1st album "My Drinkin' Ain't Done". All video and photo footage are taken from several gigs we've played in the last couple of years.

    Video montage by: Peter Heyman.


  • Sky Over Rotterdam

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    Made by: Bunch of Bastards
    Published on Mar 20, 2015

    On May 14th 1940 the Rotterdam city centre fell victim to a vicious bombardment. In years to come, the people of Rotterdam stood and watched as allied air-fleets flew to and from Germany. Those fleets gave them hope. In the last days of the war, as hundreds of people per week starved to death, occupying forces allowed the allied forces to conduct food sorties above the city. To the amazement of the hungry and starving people of Rotterdam, low flying allied planes dropped their welcome cargo.

    These events constitute the core of the song The Sky over Rotterdam that BoB. The audio was recorded and fine-tuned by our able producer Lars. Using historical footage, BoB put together a video that visualizes the three main themes of the song: the burning city after the bombardment, allied fleets in the air and the dropping of food supplies.

    Video montage by: Cor de Bruin.


  • Michael Malloy

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    Made by: Nolanimations
    Published on Nov 25, 2016

    Again, this was a secret project, and it took ages, like 3 months xD But, now its here, and, this song is made by the band of a TEACHER of mine, of my school :OOO But y'know, I love the song so I made an animation of it. Oh yeah, make sure to follow Bunch of Bastards, the band of my teacher, on Spotify to listen to the original song, it's not on YouTube :P

    *Description is taken from the orignal YouTube description.