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Past Gigs

Our music traveled 9572,2 kilometers and 655 miles

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19 November, 2017

gig #84, BoB returing to the village of Geffen, this time at the local soccer club, famous for Ruud van Nistelrooy kicking the ball there as a young lad. Regrettably he did not drop by for a pint. Geffen punters again turned out to be better drinkers than dancers.

17 November, 2017

gig #83, BoB returning to Baroeg Rotterdam, this time to warm up an appreciative half-Brirish crowd for Ferocious Dog, who, as it turned out, are a bunch of awfully nice lads and grand musicians. Sharing the stage with them los is a BoB highlight for sure. 

16 October, 2017

gig #82, BoB returning to Haagse Popweek, where a few doors down the road four years previous we played our first ever show. So much can happen even in a band that plays just for the hell of it: playing shows, travelling abroad, writing songs and recording an album, GRAND.

15 October, 2017

gig #81, BoB returning to Dolhuis Dordrecht, where many moons back we played our second ever gig and where our drummer suffered his heart attack. This time it as a well-attended charity event, which was a bag of fun and which resulted in some nice video footage.

6 October, 2017
private party

gig #80, the first with Fred, who stood his ground well, was a staff party at a Ministry, not a 'home game', with little reaction from the crowd, though at the end they sang along 'once a bastard, always a bastard' and told us they enjoyed it. A similar gig at a different ministry is by no means unlikely.

17 June, 2017
Folk veur Volk festival

gig #79, despite being the goodbye gig for Cor, was absolutely lovely, taking place at a small but well attended festival at a beautiful farm in a picturesque village and being organized by the finest of local punters.

1 May, 2017

gig #78, last night of modest drinking and massive musicking with our Czech pals Pirates of the Pubs in a great club in wonderful Praha, bringing to a close a BoB-trip never to forget.

30 April, 2017

gig #77, a different gig in a very different place, in a positive way though, lovely atmosphere, crazy people, home made goulash, topping off a day of great sightseeing of towns and breweries.

29 April, 2017

gig #76, in well-known music joint in hometown of Pirates of the Pubs, no doubt the best nigth of the tour, a lenthy set in front of an appreciative crowd, world premiere of our new song The Other Side.

28 April, 2017

gig #75, reunion gig with Pirates of the Pubs, four long weeks after our shared tour in Holland, first Czech gig, went down well with local punters, almost all of whom rushed to grab some merch.

2 April, 2017

gig #74, gig #3 of weekend #1 on the road with Pirates of the Pubs, saw both bands give their best before diving in the excellent pub grub offered by ever-friendly publican Ferry after the show.

1 April, 2017

gig #73, gig #2 of weekend #1 on the road with Pirates of the Pubs, was a festive event indeed, a long day of sightseeing being brought to a fitting close with fierce sets by both bands

31 March, 2017

gig #72, gig #1 of weekend #1 on the road with our-friends-we-only-just-met Pirates of the Pubs, was a warm, thirsty and lengthy affair, lasting deep into the night 

19 March, 2017
private party

gig #71, a St. Paddy's party where the punters had a good time and where the publican invited BoB back for an open air gig this summer, so we must have done sth. right

18 March, 2017

gig #70, a highlight in BoB-history, playing in a packed venue and for an enthusiastic crowd in Hagen with Ceili Family, with record merch sales after our set

17 March, 2017

gig #69, BoB celebrating St. Paddy's Day with colleagues LQR in the beautiful venue PoGo

25 February, 2017

gig #68, BoB returned to one of the venues that gave them a break when BoB just started out

3 February, 2017

gig #67, #1 for 2017, was a funfilled affair in a bar packed with punters partying with us, leaving the setlist at our feet soacked with Guinness, which we take to be a good thing ;)

27 November, 2016

gig #66 was a highlight for BoB, playing the Paard van Troje venue as opening act at a grand FolkFest with a stunning international line up, hence hearing fantastic tunes and meeting friends old and new. 

19 November, 2016

gig #65, BoB playing a tight set, despite singer Cor having a cold and accordion player Andries stumbling, falling and straining his thumb. Was great to see, meet and hear our pals Drunken Dolly again!

21 October, 2016

gig #64 sure was a highlight for BoB, playing in a venue well known and loved in the scene where so many fellow punkfolkers played and where the appreciative crowd roared for encores even after three sets.

20 October, 2016

gig #63 turned out to be an intimate acoustic one, which, according to the venue's sound man, belonged to the "gigs I would not have wanted to have missed"-category.'

2 October, 2016

gig #62 was a fun filled affair in a well filled music joint in the South East, punters and bar keeper were well pleased, bar keeper promised to recommend us to some other music places, doesn't that sound like a Sunday well spent?

29 September, 2016

gig #61 was a short set to kick off a 'live aid' kinda charity evening for homeless kids, organized by some pupils of the school where two of us work

24 August, 2016

gig #60 during the hay harvesting festivities in Hasselt was a very warm affair indeed, coinciding as it did with a heatwave. We were made to play "Sing with us bastards" two times in a row (!) during encores, and the punters were still belting out the lyrics as the band drove out of town!

16 July, 2016

gig #59 sure was a highlight, playing at a major festival in the hometown of two of us, as an appreciative crowd was watching us give our best: "we enjooooyed the gig, the relentless enthusiasm and the fine tunes", according to an e-mail

30 June, 2016

gig #58 once more saw clouds opening and sun starting to shine as our set began, it being a 40 minute festival slot, we decided to select mainly short and fast songs, to let off some steam and get some dancing going, succeeding in both!

25 June, 2016
Struukenduukersfest, Zeewolde
gig #57 at the Struukenduukers (Hedge DIvers) bikersfest taught BoB that bikers are better drinkers than dancers! And that them sitting down sinking their pints don't mean they don't like our stuff, as we ended the night with a number of 'we must talk' opportunities. Playing in the early evening sunshine, all was well indeed!
17 June, 2016

gig #56, saw BoB taking the stage in the beautiful venue Xinix with 'once-a-bastard' Wouter once more stepping in for the 'once-again-needing-a-lucky-break' Huib

7 May, 2016

gig #55, a rewarding one, with record merch sales, an invitation to play Valencia (don't question the logic), and most rewarding of all, two elderly guys on the side (remember the muppets?) who we thought would run out after song #1 but who had a ball, grabbing the mike to shout "bloody brilliant!"

6 May, 2016

gig #54, after a relaxing day, chilling out in Camp Bastard (read: Paul Henshaw's garden) and paying a visit to a UNESCO heritage site just inside Wales, Paul's band and BoB played festive gigs to responsive punters

5 May, 2016

gig #53, one we only just made, due to major traffic jams in Flanders and England we only arrived app. 40 minutes before show time to quickly set up and nonetheless throw a party with Paul Henshaw and with the local punters.

30 April, 2016

gig #52, a fun gig in a cool live-music venue in Zwolle, with a responsive crowd and a generous flow of beverages, mostly barley-based, that resulted in the promotor asking us back as well as in a possible festival gig, so we can't have been too bad ;)

27 April, 2016

gig #51, on the coldest King's Day in living memory, turned out to be a rather warm day for BoB, featuring a friendly venue owner, a chance to shoot some pool, an appreciative audience and invitations for more gigs in the easterly region 'Achterhoek'

23 April, 2016

gig #50 was a very sunny affair, at least for the frontline of the band, playing outdoors at a motor event.

22 April, 2016

gig #49, a great night was had by all present, with lots of wild dancing, though honestly said, the 'all' didn't add up to too a great number.

26 March, 2016

gig #48 was a short but sharp 20 minute set at a Grand Prix, we didn't convince the jury, but we got what we went in for: an enthousiastic reaction from the punters and an invitation to play a full show in that venue by the publicans.

20 March, 2016

gig #47 in Dordrecht was a very worthy way to conclude our four-day St. Pat.'s / album release weekend, spirits were high, bodies were moving and throats were thirsty, exactly as it should be !!

19 March, 2016

gig #46, our second show in Belgium, was a very warm affair indeed, as the venue was packed to the rafters, though the out-of-control dancer and the too high noise level opted for by the sound man did cause people to shy away from the stage.

18 March, 2016

gig #45, cool venue, run by some very nice people indeed, though regrettably not exactly the biggest crowd BoB ever played for. Which didn't stop us from playing a short after-gig acoustic set at the bar for good measure.

17 March, 2016

gig #44 turned out to be a nice little party, with lots of drinking (green beer), shouting and dancing going on, fair to say that a good time was had by all, in short: a worthy show to officially launch our cd, the first copy of which we handed to that night's barkeeper-on-duty, after honouring him onstage during our song HEY BARKEEPER, in which we pay tribute to this important line of work.

28 February, 2016

gig #43, some of the punters were still shouting "once a bastard, always a bastard!!" well after we'd packed up and the publican asked us back for another gig, so we must have done something right there ;)

5 February, 2016

gig #42 saw BoB gigging at the Deventer Irish Pub Festival, warming up the punters for Dirty Nelly's cd release show in a comfortably chaotic venue by the name of Walhalla. Check out Dirty Nelly if looking for sth. less celtic and more in the style of 'world' music.

24 January, 2016

gig #41, the last of this weekend's three gigs with Paul, Paul and Andy, firm friends by now. The folks in Dordrecht sure know how to throw a party on an otherwise grey Sunday afternoon. Fun was had on stage as well as in front of it. Downside was that after a farewell dinner, our ways with them Brits had to part. But BoB will be over in UK in May, the counting down to that one has already started !!

cafe-restaurant de V 23 January, 2016

gig #40 saw BoB return to Delft, the city where the first ever rehearsal took place and where we played a handful of gigs before. Despite a rather tight schedule due to cars regrettably breaking down on the way back from Germany, both Paul Henshaw and his lot as well as BoB did what they do best: play sets that are just a little rough around the edges.

Irish Pub Nordhorner Hof 22 January, 2016

gig #39, the first gig of a three-gigs weekend on the road with our UK compadres Paul Henshaw and his Scientific Simpletons. We met in the venue and rather quickly settled into liking being on the road together. This long and thirsty night we both played two sets before doing a rather serious attempt to drink the place dry. Wonderful hospitality, thanks Sascha!

14 November, 2015

gig #38, w/ RunningLate. The night started with a traditional Dutch stew (zuurkoolstamp met spekjes en rookworst) before setting up, it ended with someone repeatedly shouting for more songs, that someone being our very own bass player Dex, who possibly maybe had enjoyed a few too many of the whisky's offered to the band after our tribute-to-the-barkeeper-song Hey Barkeeper.

24 October, 2015

gig #37, @ first day of a two-day phantasy & gothic event, w/ Pyrates and others. BoB played two sets, the first of which certainly was not among our best, probably the previous four days of recording in the studio left us a bit exhausted. The second set, however, we stood our ground again, at least, we like to think so!

DSV St. Jansbrug 7 October, 2015

gig #36, headlining an Irish Evening in a student joint, a last minute booking which turned out to be great deal of fun: a packed room full of enthousiastically drinking, shouting and jumping students, by far the warmest gig we ever played, so a good thing there was plenty of beer a-flowing.

6 September, 2015

gig #35, @ an open air festival during the Dutch open highland games finals, w/ Nevermind Nessie and others. An interesting event, despite dangerously looking men and despite huge hammers and trunks of trees flying through the air. Many a kilt around and a good time being had by one and all present.

5 July, 2015

gig #34, BoB played the final slot bringing a biggish three day festival (camp grounds and all) to a close, w/ Firkin and many others. Definitely a highlight in the BoB-history, playing at midnight in front of hundreds of punters well bent on partying. As this is exactly what BoB is all about, one a hell of a party it became. Best stage, backstage, stage-sound and audience to date, a gig sure worth remembering.

6 June, 2015

gig #33, @ an open air neighbourhood festival. One of those gigs where one wonders what bookers had in mind booking you, the audience and the band being rather out of synch.

8 May, 2015

gig #32, w/ Drunken Dolly. A nice new venue, not too big, so cosily crowded. Punters who'd seen us before commented positively on the progress we'd made towards becoming a tight and entertaining unit. A handful of folks already bought our T earlier, over a handful did this so this night, so a dozen or so people were flying our colours on their chests, a good feeling indeed.

1 May, 2015

gig #31, @ Blue Balls Festival 2015, an open air gig at an international rugby tournament. It being a rather chilly spring evening, it was a good thing there were some major campfires around.

Real McKenzies 30 April, 2015

gig #30, @ Baroeg, playing a support show for The REAL McKENZIES! Another milestone-gig for BoB, gigging in this major Rotterdam venue, opening for one of the better known and longest running acts in our little folk-punk scene. A cool way to play our 30th gig as a band. Having been fooled into believing that Paul McKenzie might object to non-Scots wearing a kilt, Peter politely asked Paul's opinion on the matter prior to the gig. Paul's answer still rings in our ears "Everyone can wear a f***ing kilt!"

23 April, 2015

gig #29, a disappointing gig for all involved. It is a reknown music bar, but it was the first time since long that they put on a band on Thursday evening, so not too many people turned up. Still, it became a bit of a party when a large group of young and thirsty Spaniards walked in and digged what was on offer.

29 March, 2015

gig #28, on our way home from Germany, we had planned this third gig of our little road trip to be an early evening gig, hoping to be able to arrive home not too late. Due to someone jumping on a train with the keys to the van, it instead became a very long evening after all. We decided we might as well play basically the biggest part of the set a second time, albeit acoustically this time round, before that someone and the keys resurfaced. A night to remember, though for partly the wrong reasons.

28 March, 2015

gig #27, our first ever show in Bavaria. After some serious sightseeing in spring weather en route, what does one expect when one drives into a smallish Bavarian farming village? A hell of a party at the local pub? Well, that's exactly what developed, and on top of that a heartening welcome by the ever-so-nice publicans-couple, who served great burgers at night and great breakfast in the morning.

27 March, 2015

gig #26, @ a Celtic Punk Folk Festival in Stutgart, w/ The Moorings & Paddy and the Rats, the first gig of a little road trip into Germany, sharing the bill this night with no less then The Moorings from France and with Paddy and the Rats from Hungary. Read more here.

21 March, 2015

gig #25, @ a St. Patrick's Day Festival, a truly shambolic headlining gig at place filled to the rafters, where the local punters clearly were no strangers to the pleasures of having a pint or two too many.

15 March, 2015

gig #24, @ a St. Patrick's Day festivity, a late afternoon gig in a small but packed place, loads of fun, and we got asked back for next year round, so not too bad a way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

14 March, 2015

gig #23, @ a St. Patrick's craig. We were asked back after last year's gig and again had us a good deal of fun with the local punters. Some friendly confusion arose with some of them, not sure whether it was due to our poor understanding of Polish or their generous intake of alcoholic beverages ;)

7 March, 2015

gig #22, w/ Lunar Leshy and the Zamphire. Yet another memorable night, as the band before us managed to almost empty the place before we were on. Luckily the place filled up again, we played all the sharper for it and a party unfolded. We were asked back, not too sure if the same happened to the other guys ;)

Nederland 3 21 February, 2015

gig #21, @ a St. Patrick's Day pre-party, w/ Aidan O'Brien & The Royal Spuds. An evening well spent in the venue where a year before we recorded "BoB live @gig #5". We left the stage feeling we'd grown a lot since then.

24 January, 2015

gig #20, @ Rabbie Burns night, w/ Johnny Campbell. A pleasant evening commemorating the Scottish poet, we were welcomed warmly by the publican who had cooked us an Irish stew. And it was a pleasure to meet this dude Johnny Campbell, a cool guy.

13 December, 2014

gig #19, @ a Folkpunknight, w/ Royal Spuds. Nice enough evening in nice enough venue, sharing the stage once again with our pals Royal Spuds. Debut of drummer John coming to the front of the stage with to play (just) a snare during Streams of Whiskey.

22 November, 2014

gig #18, @ Folkpunknight, w/ Drunken Dolly. A sweet little festival night, which we had to cancel the previous year for reasons explained below (see gig #2). And once again a nice evening with our pals Drunken Dolly.

7 November, 2014

gig #17, @ a Folkpunknight. w/ Porters and Mr Irish Bastard. A memorable gig on many counts. The first gig with Peter, who had been on the lookout for a metal band, whilst having an equal liking for folkpunk. It just didn't occur to him that one might be around. There was. Half an hour into an audition, it was clear to all present that this was kinda 'meant to be'. Him also playing the banjo broadened our scope of instrumentation. It was also the biggest venue at that stage for BoB. And it was a reunion for Andries with the guys that he first gigged with (back in 2008) and who got him hooked: Mr Irish Bastard.

25 September, 2014

gig #16, @ Tokoloko band night, a sweet little gig with our buddy Wouter helping us out on guitar and with hazy memories of a local Mahones fan on stage as guest vocalist for Drunken Lazy Bastard.

13 September, 2014

gig #15, @ a long Band Marathon night opening the season at that venue. The farewell gig for our guitarist Daan, who had gradually realized that folkpunk is not really where his heart is. We all had felt it coming that our paths would divert. But it sure was a pleasure while it lasted, him providing us with solid guitar playing. We had him a t-shirt made, reading "once a bastard, always a bastard", a punchline that since then has become part of our shows.

9 September, 2014

gig #14, an acoustic set @ FullMoon Babylon, a monthly event in a venue of the Rotterdam Conservatory. It was an interesting enough experience, which made us consider to maybe one day work on developing an acoustic set.

23 August, 2014

gig #13, @ Folknight, w/ Royal Spuds. Indeed, #13 proved to be a bad omen: the sound and light guys were completely and fully stoned out of their minds, so sound was dismal and gig started with all lights in room still on. Despite meeting up with our pals Royal Spuds again, it was an affair to be quickly forgotten.

19 August, 2014

gig #12, w/ Andere Koek. A warm bandnight at a freshers' party in a Delft student club, which saw us re-united with Wouter in a way, as we shared the stage with his band Andere Koek, where he in fact plays the drums.

19 July, 2014

gig #11, @ RotoRock Festival, a nice enough gig at a nice enough little festival, but as we played just before the Kiss-tribute band that was headlining, we again felt somewhat out of place. Difficult gig for Andries who had almost cut of a finger working in the garden the previous day. Luckily the stitched up finger was on his left hand, him not ever touching the bass keys of his accordion.

29 June, 2014

gig #10, @ Plein tot Plein Festijn, an open air neighbourhood festival. Playing sober at midday to only a handful of equally sober people at what was basically a family kinda thing, we felt rather out of place.

21 June, 2014

gig #9, @ Muziekfabriek Festival, first gig proper with Huib on guitar and mandoline, though struggling a bit with sheet music, he settled in nicely and started to prove his worth.

9 May, 2014

gig #8, @ Delft Irish Folk Festival, or rather: not at that festival, cause we seem to have upset the lad that runs this thing by using strong language. For feck's sake. So we organized a counter-culture fringe-event. It marked both Wouter's goodbye-gig and the first appearance of Huib on guitar and mandoline. Them playing simultaneously (or again: rather not) maybe ended up in a somewhat messy little gig, but it nicely marked the line-up change.

27 April, 2014

gig #7, an open mic affair, where we secured a wild card for the finals as the best runner-up of the season, but we declined to go back there to play for a mere ten minutes only. Early signs of arrogance? We like to think not.

5 April, 2014

gig #6, @ yet another St. Patrick's Day after-party, w/ Nick Parker. This gig saw us crossing the border into Germany, a memorable trip in many more respects. It was the St Pat event of the good people who in the summer organize the grand little Castelans Folk Festival. We shared the bill with Nick Parker, who proved to be a fun guy and we embarked on a lengthy extra set together, which in the end saw Wouter too exhausted to play on. Us crashing one flight of stairs above the stage stimulated a generous intake of alcoholic beverages, that kept being offered by the punters. Main downside: Wouter told us it was to be justabout his last gig with us, as playing in two bands proved to be too much.

29 March, 2014

gig #5, @ yet another St. Patrick's Day after-party, w/ Drunken Dolly & Royal Spuds. A fun gig sharing the bill not only with Royal Spuds but also with Drunken Dolly. It was only our fifth gig, and the third gig only with Cor singing and with Dex and Wouter playing, still we recorded the set and had some tunes uploaded to SoundCloud and rhis website: "BoB live @gig #5".

22 March, 2014

gig #4, @ a St. Patrick's Day after-party, w/ Royal Spuds. This night marked the first time of sharing the stage with our pals The Royal Spuds. A crazy bunch, luckily our paths were to cross more often. Sweet little venue too, by the way!

14 March, 2014

gig #3, @ St. Patrick's Day party, w/ Mark Gilligan & Darren Byrne. While John recovered (see gig #2), we managed to find Dex to play the bass with us and Wouter to play guitar. Within weeks, Wouter also taught himself to play the mandoline, widening the scope of our instrumentation and sound. It was Dex's first ever gig in a band, a night to remember, for him at least.

22 November, 2013

gig #2, @ FesterFest, w/ Badlands, Onheil & Speed Demon. A rather strange gig, as our drummer left the stage after our set suffering a heart attack. All was to be well in the end, luckily, but it did stop us short in our tracks for a few months. Only just getting started, we already had to cancel gigs. In the meantime, two of the initial BoB-members (Dave the singer and Esther the bass player) had second thoughts on the whole enterprise, leading Cor to move to the position of singer rather than guitarist, leaving us on the lookout for a bass player and a guitar player.

23 October, 2013

gig #1 for BoB, a short festival set at De Haagse Popweek, playing the 8 songs that we had learned during the 8 rehearsals in the 8 weeks before, in a line-up that was soon to see some change.